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Blue Light Glasses Adult - Blue

Blue Light Glasses Adult - Blue

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SHADEZ Blue Light eyewear collection were created to protect our eyes from the harmful rays of artificial light projected by media devices such as; laptops, cell phones, and TVs. The Blue Light emitted by these screens can cause damage to your eyes, generate eye strain, headaches, and sleep disorders. Children are more vulnerable because their lens' are less effective at filtering out Blue Light, increasing the risk of Macular Degeneration. SHADEZ Blue Light glasses have been clinically proven to reduce these risks. Ideal for indoor use, low light, and at night.

Developed by Swiss parents who saw a growing need for fashion forward kids eyeglasses with optimal protection and durability the concept was born. Shadez are trendy and durable and developed to make every experience cool.

Filter out harmful Blue Light rays and protect your eyes with SHADEZ Blue Light protective eye wear. 


Also available in: Junior 3-7, Teen 7-15 years,