Designer Pink Leaf Print - Junior

Designer Pink Leaf Print - Junior

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SHADEZ Designer Sunglasses were created to protect children’s eyes from the harmful rays of the sun. Experts recommend that children in particular protect their eyes, because they are more prone to retinal damage from ultraviolet rays. The lens in the eye of a child is clearer than an adult lens, more UV to penetrate deep into the eye makes it possible to increase the risk for eye-threatening conditions.

Developed by Swiss parents who saw a growing need for fashion forward kids eyeglasses with optimal protection and durability the concept was born. Shadez are trendy and durable, and developed to make every experience cool.

100% UVA & UVB Protection & BPA Free

Pink Leaf Print
Available in Blue Camp Helicopter, Black Rapid Racer, Navy Stripes Whale, Fuchsia Paint Splash, Purple Butterfly, Green Leaf Print, Pink Leaf Print

Junior 3-7 years